Cards bench Gabbert, back to Stanton at QB

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Cards bench Gabbert, back to Stanton at QB

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A seller on eBay who goes by the name of valuestampsinc posted a Cheeto that resembled Harambe, the gorilla that was killed last year at the Cincinnati Zoo. That Cheeto sold for $99,900.

That got us thinking what else can you buy with $100,000 that might be a more sound investment than one single Cheeto? This is what we came up with.

A water jet pack costs $100,000, but the amount of fun is priceless. The water jet pack will lift you up 30 feet in the air and push you forward at 30 miles per hour. Take it out on Lake cheap nhl jerseys Erie and watch the envious eyes as you get a whole lot of laughs.

How about driving around in a Tesla Model S? A with 417 horsepower goes for about $88,000. Imagine going from 0 to 60 in a scant 2.8 seconds. That worth more than a wholesale nfl jerseys Cheeto you wouldn eat.

Race through the waters with a racing sail boat, averaging around $100,000. If a water jet pack is a little too risky for you, you can still take to the waters at high speeds with a racing sail boat. Owning a boat on Lake Erie is desirable, and leaving your friends in the dust is worth more than money can buy.

Cruise the world for six months on the Oceania Insignia from Miami to Miami. The cruise has stops in Central America, the Middle East, Canada, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific. You can buy airfaire and an ocean view cabin all for less than $100,000. Use your leftover funds for knickknacks!

Buy a share of an ownership group of a minor league baseball team. You won be able to own the minor league team, but you can buy a 1 percent ownership share. In Ohio, maybe you be interested in the Akron RubberDucks or the Toledo Mud Hens.

Get your name on a building! You won be able to pay for the entire construction of a building be it at your alma mater or perhaps your childhood neighborhood but $100,000 is a sound investment that will get that building dedicated in your name. Long live (insert your name here)!

Become a commercial helicopter pilot. Being able to fly and/or own your own helicopter will definitely increase your status. You could be like Christian Grey from Shades of Grey and impress your lover by flying wholesale jerseys China him or her over the city skyline.

Spend two nights in the Presidential Suite of the Raj Palace Hotel in India. The Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur is cheap jerseys one of the most expensive hotels in the world and has been voted the World Leading Heritage Hotel nine years in a row. The rate is about $45,000 per night, so after two nights, you still have a little extra to spend!

Buy a secondhand Lamborghini Gallardo with about 35,000 miles for $100,000. You will reach speeds upward of 196 mph and go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. Cruising around town in a Lambo, even if it secondhand, will give you satisfaction and exhilaration that can be matched.

So whether you taking a vacation, buying a new car, investing in the latest technology or starting your business, $100,000 can be spent on much more than a Cheeto that looks like a gorilla. Rest in peace, Harambe.

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